Thursday, November 18, 2004

Post Numero Deux

Second post on the blog, and I've come to a conclusion: not maintaining a personal web site or the Aitken House website has caused me to suck at typing. Not only that, but the creative writing process is very much like cardiovascular fitness: practice it often, or you'll lose it altogether.

This blog will help with the writing thing; I always enjoyed writing, but being out of school and busy with work the past year or so has meant that actual writing has been limited to notes/work-related stuff. No more. This blog will serve as a motivator to stay connected to the friends and family in my life who have been drifting away from me since graduation (thank you Real World!).

To touch on the other half of the analogy I made in the last sentence of the first paragraph, as a Kinesiologist (makes me sound important, doesn't it? And smart!) , lack of cardiovasular fitness is literally killing us. We're eating more, and labour-saving devices, along with devices that provide "stationary recreation", are causing us to move less. The cumulative effect of this is clogged arteries and earlier cardiac-related deaths, children that are frighteningly obese, diabetes cases are way up, etc.

Good news, it's really simple to start on the path to good cardiovascular health. Walk more! It's so simple, it's a necessary function of daily life, and it costs nothing! Simple lifestyle changes, like banning elevators from your life and using the stairs (if you work in a big office tower, get off 5 floors before your destination, and use the stairs), walking around the block after work, and parking farther away from your destination all add activity to your life, all with minimal time investment on your part.

All shifts in our daily lives start with small steps, as those who try make a great leap forward at the outset often trip in their own shoelaces...


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