Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wordperfect = F-

Argh, why is it that computers and I get along as well as oil and water? Today, I was tweaking my resume, and the style sheets and formatting were being a bitch! I had to clear all the formatting from entire thing, and build it back from the ground up! I just finished mastering Word at work, and now I come home to Wordperfect on this computer, the word processor that about 2% of the world uses these days (how the mighty have fallen!), and I am utterly clueless on how to work the formatting.

I muddled through that B.S. though, so now I gotta tackle my final report for CDS (exchange visa company) to close out the Ann Arbor chapter of my life...

Also later today, I will finally transfer my money to my Canadian account, as my final pay has been entered into my U.S. account. Money money money!


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