Saturday, January 28, 2006

Voting + Pictures + Work Stuff = Mixed Bag That Has No Witty Title To Go Along With It!

It's the weekend, which means (you guessed it) more pictures! This will be the last of the pics for a while, as I have posted all the pics that I had in my backlog. These latest pics came all from my new digital camera, so pics will be making a much more regular appearance on this blog, if not everytime I post!

As for this week, I voted in the federal election for the NDP (I changed my mind from the Greens due to the fact that the NDP stand a better chance at promoting a progressive agenda in the days ahead). Kaufman came in third, getting buried by the Conservative candidate (shocker of the century!!!)

I heard more about the Edmonton job on Thursday. It sounds like exciting work, and I can't wait until a timeline is drawn up for the project so I can get started!

Other than that, it's back to work tomorrow at the part-time job at Sportchek. It has been quiet lately, not surprising since nobody buys anything in January...


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