Friday, November 19, 2004

Alfonso Galliano = A Goodfella?

So I pick up the paper this morning and one of the headlines catch my eye. It was chapter # 57595.5 in the sponsorship scandal, the one that's been dragging on for the better part of a year. As a result, I normally would pass such a story over, because normally they report the same old crap over and over (e.g. Paul Martin goes to bathroom, Harper accuses him of stalling, see page A9 for details).

I read the first paragraph though, and it said that according to the New York Daily News, Galliano was a made man, said New York mafia insiders, who had visited their colleagues in Montreal in years past.

Wow, that makes me feel confident in government! We had not only crooks handing out our tax dollars, but potentially, these crooks had connections to some of the most notorious goombas on the continent. Man, I feel sorry for those who have to do the investigating of this man, having to worry about being whacked and such. Though I'm sure any bribe money would be nice... :P


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