Friday, January 13, 2006

More South Dakota

Lots more pics from South Dakota (one of the most surprising states on the trip). From the top:

Pic 1: Crossing the Missouri River, the dividing line between the good farming lands in the state, and the badlands where only cattle grazing is possible. Seriously, it changes like *that* as soon as you go across the bridge!

Pic 2: Prime ranching country, set against a Indian Summer sky. It was warm, around 17-18c on this day.

Pic 3: Where we ate lunch, in Central South Dakota. It was also a novelty museum, with all sorts of artifacts, but with nothing in particular that stands out when I think about it...

Pic 4: A slough, across from the gas station where I gassed up in the Mountain Time Zone for the first time ever. There's something really peaceful and comforting about gazing upon a sole spotch of water in the middle of many miles of arid prairie...

Pic 5: Ignore the repeat picture. I would have deleted it, except for the fact that Blogger deletes ALL pics on the page when you try to do that!

Pic 6: The rocky, craggy outcrops of the Badlands begin to appear in Western South Dakota. Farther to the south is Badlands National Park. We only had time for one park today (next post) though, so we skipped it...

Pic 7: Me squinting against the low Autumn sun. I think I was also in need of a Coke at the time, as I look rather cranky!


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