Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dispatch From Oiltown: Yes, I Am Alive and Well (Sorry About The Silence Lately...)

Sorry I haven't been keeping up in posting to this blog, but with the summer bug biting me hard, I have slacked off in posting (just like last summer!) Basically, I have been keeping busy with my current construction job while waiting for the first phase of the research project to kick in (there is movement on this front, so hopefully a start date will be announced soon).

Also, the Oiler playoff run saw me get the opportunity to attend Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, which was a 2-1 Oiler win. It was louder than I could have imagined, the atmosphere was electric (goosebump moments kept occuring throughout, such as the National Anthem, the pregame activities, when the Oilers scored, etc). If you ever get the chance to go to a Cup Final game, do it. You will remember it, always.

And below, there are some photos of Canada Day trip to the beach, right here in land-locked Alberta (hint: it wasn't the wave pool at West Edmonton Mall!)


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