Thursday, April 13, 2006

More University of Alberta From Last Weekend ... Yes, I Miss College (Except For The Work)

Pic 1: The Butterdome at the University of Alberta, where much of the school's athletic contests (basketball, volleyball, wrestling, etc) are conducted.

Pic 2: Looking out at a quad of the U of A campus from Hub Mall. A mall on campus, you say? In the next pic, you'll see the kind of largess that could only be possible with the oil money that has flowed through this school in the past 50 years!

Pic 3: The Hub Mall in all its glory. It has over 60 shops and services, faculty lounges, and no shortage of places for students to hang around and "study" :P

Pic 4: Yep, those are student apartments you see above the Hub Mall. These kids have it sweet!

Pic 5: The main central quad at the U of A. You can't really see them, but there are (were) students throwing around footballs and frisbees, as per the usual Spring tradition, when res rats come out of hibernation and experience the glory of the end of Winter and the upcoming Summer!

Pic 6: Graffiti art makes an ugly block of a building into something worth taking a picture of...


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