Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Text Post? Without Pictures? Am I Hallucinating?

It's been a hectic December thus far, with much going on. To start the week off, my car and my roommate's SUV got broken into. Nothing was taken from my car, even though they passed over my new Dave Matthews and Green Day CD! Whew! The next day, we went and saw a house in a nice neighbourhood called Rio Terrace, in West Edmonton. The owner was so impressed with our responsible, mature attitudes, that he rented it to us on the spot; not an easy feat, considering the cutthroat rental market in this city right now.

The new neighbourhood has virtually no crime, which is comforting, especially since the neighbours came over yesterday to ask me if I had seen anything suspicious, as their house was robbed in broad daylight. Yowsa! Good thing we're getting the heck outta here soon!

As for Christmas plans, I am flying home redeye-style on the night of the 19th - 20th of December, and I will be home until the 27th, flying back out West on the 28th in the morning.

Can't wait for some good times in the Maritimes!


At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Kent said...

James, good to hear that you get back out to the east coast for Christmas - you deserve some "down-home" time after working hard this year. Sucks about the car. Sounds like it definitly is time to move.

Take care.


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