Monday, August 27, 2007

BC Vacation -- Day 2

This day started in Kelowna, and ended with me meeting up with a good friend of mine from college, Dunc. All comments on pics below refer to pics from the top down, as usual...

Pic 1: Nice hotel in Downtown Merritt. Good to see Mairitimers representing in this town (note the flags)!

Pic 2: Sprinklers on farmland in Merritt. With no AC in the car, I comtemplated stopping and running through them...!

Pic 3: Mountains on the Coquihalla Highway between Merritt and Hope. The Cascade Range is really beautiful, and ranks up there with the Rocky and Coast Mountains.

Pic 4: The lonnnnng descent to the Lower Mainland. I think my ears almost exploded, lol!

Pic 5: Almost to the Lower Mainland, one of the mountains in the Coast range come into view.

Pic 6-7: Downtown Vancouver. Very imposing and modern, but the next pic...

Pic 8: ... is just weird for the sake of weird!

Pic 9: An awe-inspiring view of North Vancouver from Downtown. This sight will live in my soul forever...

Pic 10: The spread of nachos and the Atlantic Trap and Gill on Robson Street in Vancouver, as I enjoy a bite.

Pic 11: Dunc and I after polishing off a pitcher and a few pints. It was easily the most fun I had during my trip to BC!


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