Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year ... New Possibilities

Hope everybody had a great holiday season .... a new year is upon us, and as such, hope for the future springs eternal.  I intend to make waves this year, in spite of all the pessimism that you hear about in the media...


- Turn my flat stomach into a ripped stomach

- Eat healthier (i.e. more vegetables/fruits, less fast food)

- Continue to test out internet business ideas until one of them takes off and becomes self-sustaining (meaning I can live off the proceeds without having to have a day job)

- Get better at poker, get sufficiently rolled to play $1/$2 NL on Pokerstars by the end of the year, and also play in some major tourneys in town (via satellite tourney win if need be)

-In general, pursue what makes me happy, both in my work and in my life!


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