Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Am Definitely Not The Big Lebowski!

Man, I'm gonna be sore tomorrow! Today, my little sister joined a youth bowling league in Port Hawkesbury, and I took her over to the bowling alley, as my Dad was working and my Mom was resting for her night shift. I get there, Meghan goes to register for the league, so I decide to ask the guy behind the counter if there were any free lanes. It turns out there was 2 open lanes, so paid $5 for one hour of bowling.

Bowling here in Atlantic Canada is primarily candlepin, which means the pins are skinnier, and the ball is much smaller than a typical bowling ball (it fits in the palm of your hand, mine at least!). This makes it harder to knock over large numbers of pins, even when you hit the kingpin (they even give you 3 attempts at the pins, rather then 2 ... I suck).

I managed to bowl 6 strings, as I was all by myself. I overextended myself on one bowl, and manged to pull a muscle in my leg. I'm not feeling it much right now, probably because I just had a beer not too long ago.

Tomorrow, I mail out a check that's super duper late, to pay for my share of the electric bill at my old place in Ann Arbor during August. I am also going to finish that final report for CDS that I'm having trouble putting words together due to a bad case of writer's block, but that's what happens when you don't write regularly (i.e. neglecting the blog over the summer).

Night all.


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