Saturday, December 10, 2005

Job Hunt Progress

So the first week of my part-time job at Sportchek has passed. So far, I like it quite a bit. I earn money via commission, so I can earn what I'm worth. On my second shift, I made enough sales to earn a rate of $9/hour. The base rate is $7/hour; not much, but better than back East.

As for the real job hunt, the folks at Boeing in Winnipeg haven't got back in touch with me, so I will probably be getting back to them this week. I also received information about a clinic job in Cambridge, Ontario, which is around Kitchener. I also expressed interest in that position, as it would expand my experiences further into the realm of Kinesiology. Finally, some guy that I was helping during my second shift at Sportchek happened to be an engineer at Nortel Networks here in Calgary. After telling him about my employment situation, he told me that Nortel is looking for ergo people for their facility in Cowtown! Needless to say, I will be phoning him on Monday!


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