Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Hate The Leafs ... SOO MUCH!

So the Habs lost in OT tonight. That was a smooth move, taking a penalty in the dying minutes of the game, allowing the Leafs a 4 on 3 in overtime! Ah well, at least we got a point out of it ... still stings though!

I dropped off a resume at the CO-OP in my neighbourhood here in Calgary today. I've been out of work for almost three months now, so I gotta make some of the money that I've lost back. The manager gave me a mini-interview on the spot, and from the outcome of it, it sounds promising. It's a unionized store, so pay might be rather nice for a retail job!

Well, I'm gonna pay Janet a visit, she's out babysitting for a friend who lives a block away, so I figure she could use some company!


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Teddy said...

Hey James,

Nice to have discovered you. Didja know that when the leafs come to town, there are mor eleafs fans in the dome than flames?

True! Done it twice. I hope to again this year. SO what else can an estern bastard do, eh?


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