Sunday, October 02, 2005

Roll That Beautiful JSB Footage!

This weekend, I'm burning a copy of a Jimmy Swift Band concert (hereafter known as the JSB) for Kent, one of my co-workers and a best friend that I made during my time at Humantech. Since he made a mix-CD (better than a mix-tape, take that Napoleon Dynamite!) for my journey back East, I figured burning a JSB concert was a fitting return-gift, countering the Best From The West with the Beasts of The East!

The sound quality is great, considering it was a pull from a taper, and that the files I burned on the CD were hi-quality MP3's, and not SHN files.

This concert is one of the best compilations of JSB greatness out of all the shows I've heard over the past 3 years. Where do I go to get some JSB lovin' you ask? Go to, and then type "jimmy swift band" in the search field at the top of the web page. Click on any of the 40+ shows available for download, and then you can groove the night away!


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