Saturday, January 07, 2006

More Good Friends Having Good Times!

More folks! From the left: Kent, who owns this house and was kind enough to take me in during the week-long gap between the end of my lease on the room in my summer house, and the time of my departure from Ann Arbor. He continues to assist me with my career, and is great friend whom I trust greatly. Cheers dude!

Next, we have Kevin, who was the intern who took my place for the Fall. I hope he had fun during the madness that is A2 in the Autumn, and with my future plans up in the air, I may end up meeting up with him again soon, if I end up in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON later this Spring (more on this in a future post).

The next guy is Blake, supremely smart guy and a Wolverine's fanatic! As per the scenario laid out in the above paragraph, I may have to catch a hockey or football game with him sometime in the near future!

Finally, we have Teresa, Kent's girlfriend. Nice person, a geologist I believe (just like twin sis!)


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