Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lake Erie Beach Trip

On a hot day in August, I suddenly came to the realization that I missed the ocean. Oddly enough, I had been in Michigan for 7 months, and I had yet to visit a Great Lake. So I checked out a map and made for a state park just north of the city of Munroe, situated roughly halfway between Detroit and Toledo, Ohio. One thing that struck me once I waded into the waters of Lake Erie was how friggin' warm it was! I swore it was at least 25c in the water. Zebra mussel shells littered the shoreline. They look sharp, but stepping on them is no worse than stepping on the dry, coarse seaweed we have on our beaches back in Nova Scotia! Finally, it may not be visible in the pictures contained in this blog post, but off in the distance, two cooling towers from a nuclear reactor can be seen. Didn't see any three-eyed fish, but it made me think twice about swimming in Lake Erie again! If I get cancer in 30 years, I guess I'll just sue Detroit Edison!


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