Friday, December 16, 2005

A Long Week Of Work Is Done, Just In Time For Political Death Match Goodness!

Just finished a full 40 hours of work at Sportchek this week. It was very eventful, with improvements in my selling of sports equipment, as I sold my first snowboard from the snowsports department. There is loads of money to be earned by selling stuff out of that part of the store, as we work via commission. Also, I ended up chasing a shoplifter on Wednesday. Didn't get him, but I got the getaway car's plate number. I hope the cops nail this lowlife crook!

I know I haven't been editorializing stuff recently, but I've been lacking inspiration. It's been so long since I've taken a stand on any issue lately, but I've been working so hard at finding a job in ergonomics, as well as being exhausted by by current "part-time" position.

However, I saw the first english debate tonight, and I was ... underwhelmed. Harper was his old robotic neo-con self, Mr. Layton caped his sentences with the talking point that we must elect NDP'ers to get anything done, Duceppe was the debate's star, despite the fact he wants to break up the country, and Martin made good points, which were subsequently obscured by layers and layers of complex language that I had a hard time unraveling in my head.

In summary: I'm voting for the Greens. It has alot to do with the fact that I live in Calgary, where the odds of a Liberal being elected are analogous to a snowball's chances of survival in hell. If you are in a riding where the race is close, vote for the Liberals to block the Cons. If the NDP has a great chance of winning, vote for them. Otherwise, vote for the Greens. Each vote gives them $1.75 to help grow their party. The Greens have a valuable message to convey to the Canadian public, and the sooner a Green MP is voted to Parliment, the sooner issues like climate change and peak oil will be given the exposure they require in debates and in Question Period.

Well, I guess I did get inspired this evening...!


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