Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Long Haul To Jasper

Pic 5 (from the top): The town of Edson, as the Yellowhead passes right through the centre of town. Not a bad spot from the looks of it, but it should have a bypass for thru-traffic. Reminds me of Lower South River in Nova Scotia...

Pic 4: The pulp and paper mill across the street from the Esso gas station in Hinton, where I got gas.

Pic 6: A Husky 24 truck stop in Hinton. I took this picture because I ate at one that morning, only it was in Acheson, just outside Edmonton. Nothing like a greasy truck stop breakfast to jump start a road trip!

Pics 1-3, 7-8: The approach to Jasper National Park, after passing through Hinton. The road narrowed to 2- way traffic, which meant I couldn't cruise along at 125 kn/h anymore. Oh well, it was easier to see the sights this way! :P


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