Monday, September 19, 2005

(sarcasm) I Heart Insurance (/sarcasm)

Going to your insurance company is like a trip to the dentist: you don't look forward to the money you're gonna have to spend, and there may be a few nasty surprises lying in wait to catch you off guard (e.g. finding out that due to my coverage being suspended while I was in college, my rates are calculated as an inexperienced driver, and that living in Saint John, NB subjected me to some of the highest rates in the country!)

I was in there today to renew my policy, which expires before I my planned departure to Alberta. My agent actually was already processing my renewal when I arrived, so I just got her to quote me my cost here in Nova Scotia. It was better than last year, but still a little high. However, I will have to pro-rate my policy when I get out to Calgary. Hopefully, the rates will be decent, perhaps cheaper. Because Calgary is a big city though, I'm prepared to actually pay more. Oh well, that's the price you pay for living there...

Tomorrow, I'm heading back over to town to fill up my car before gas prices spike due to Rita, and also to replace the brews I've drank since I came home. These replacement beers will be drunk mostly by me. Even if I drink half the case, most of the other half will still be here when I come home for Christmas. Bet on it!


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