Saturday, January 07, 2006

This Is What 111,000 People Look Like (NOT A Typo!)

When I walked into the stadium, I had one of the those life-defining moments where your jaw just drops, and you just stand there in awe. A veritable sea of people lay before me, with varying hues of blue & gold, with surprisingly large splotches of crimson red. Within minutes of the game beginning, I understood why college football was such a big deal down here. Thousands upons thousands of people there to party and cheer their team on, listening to a band that played fight songs and popular songs with laser precision. Chants that boosted their squad, while uttering epithets that mocked their opposition. By the time the Wolverines had scored their first touchdown, I had morphed into an U of M student myself, if only for a day!

To summarize, this is something ALL sport fans have to experience before they croak. Just do it!

EDIT (10:16pm): Click on the pics to get a better idea of how massive the stadium was; move your cursor over the shrunk pic (something that newer versions of IE will do) and expand the pics to full size! Yup, it was crrrazzzy!


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