Saturday, November 20, 2004

Playing a Human Speedboat in a Cartoon = Career Death!

Heyyy everybody! Had a long day, went to New Glasgow, NS today with my little sister (16). I took her to see the Spongebob Squarepants movie, as my Mom was busy taking a course in Antigonish, NS all day and couldn't do it herself. I wouldn't have gone on my own accord, but I knew it wasn't going to be overly kiddy, as the show is laced with "wink, wink" jokes and references meant to entertain the adults.

So we get there at 1:10pm, buy our tickets and our food (isn't it funny these days how the concessions cost more than the tickets? Gotta love a captive market!), and proceed to the theatre showing the movie. Sure enough, there was an overabundance of kids under the age of 12, as well as a bunch of seats in the top half cordoned off for birthday party of roughly 20+. With all this sugar from the cake these kids are gonna be eating, they're gonna make one heck of a racket, I thought.

Due to this unforseen turn of events, my sister and I were relegated to the lower half of seats, the seats where you actually have to tilt your head back so that your eyes can take in the whole screen! The movie started, and to my surprise, the young audience remained fairly reined in, as far as laughing and uneccessary talking and movement were concerned (they must all have been on Ritalin or something...). Someone's cell phone rang though, which should have resulted in a red card and subsquent ejection from the theatre, in my opinion. It's commonly known etiquette these days that you either shut them off, or you leave them at home! I think it's worse than having it happen in a restaurant personally...

As for the movie? Well, it was pretty light-hearted, with some "stupid funny" gags that entertained me sufficently to make the show worth my $7.50. I will say however that David Hasselhoff's career in film will be in flames after people see this movie. His role was just plain bizarre, and the acting and dialogue (which is pretty hard to screw up considering the subject matter) was like one horrific train wreck unfolding before your very eyes! It was that bad, and left a weird taste in my mouth after what had otherwise been a rather entertaining toon.


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