Saturday, January 15, 2005

2 Weeks In, And It's Looking Rather Good. The Car Just Can't Get With The Program However...

I was really busy with work this week, hence the reason for little activity here on the blog front. I tackled my first project as an intern this week, doing ergonomic analysis on video taken from a job site by the consultant I was working with. He's a really cool laidback guy, so it's been a easy transition into some of the real heavy stuff around my place of work.

I also met the CEO of my company this week. He flew in from Iowa (I think) to attend some meetings here in Ann Arbor. He was the second person I saw when I came in Tuesday morning, so it caught me off guard, to say the least. He was a easy-going fella however, which drew sharp relief to the formalities that I was putting forth in order to not make a bad first impression.

Out of all the reasons to like being at Humantech though, the relaxed corporate culture has to be among my favourites thus far. No rigidity, no overt office politics, things have gone very well two weeks in. I just have to keep working hard and interacting positively with people at work, and I believe that things will turn out just fine for me!

As for other news, things weren't all good this week. My engine light came on Thursday, so I gotta take it in to the shop Monday morning to get it looked at. Hopefully it's nothing too serious!

As for pics from the trip and from here in Ann Arbor, the film is down to its last 5 pics, so it should be ready for development fairly soon. I'll scan it shortly thereafter, and then they will be posted on here for all to see!

Hope everyone's having a wicked weekend!


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