Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Scariest Sound Can Sometimes Be As Simple As A Ringing Phone...

Today was quite interesting, as I went to pick up my sister at the Halifax International Airport with my dad and my little sister. When we got there, we found that we would be there a little longer than we had originally anticipated, due to flight delays (about a hour and change). It was while I was on the the way to the washroom however, that I got my scare of the month.

My cell phone rang. Normally, that wouldn't be so significant, but nobody calls me on my cell but my new employer, my parents, and the occasional wrong number. I looked at the call display and realized it was work. Uh-oh! In August, when I was also four days from departing for Michigan, I got a call from from my soon-to-be boss saying they had to cancel my internship due to economic issues.

Worried that it would be deja vu all over again, I answered the phone. My intern manager started off slowly, making me think the worst was about to happen. Again. To my great relief however, she was just calling to see if there was any questions I needed answered, as Humantech closes down for the holidays. I didn't so she said she would e-mail me her phone number at home if I did have any problems during the holidays. The call was then over, and with it, the worry of the same nightmare scenario happening all over again!

As for the rest of the evening, my sister got in around 6:15pm with her boyfriend Shaun. We then headed over to Shaun's parents place for about an hour, socializing with members of their family. They're wonderful people to be around, and I always look forward to when we go down to their place!

Well, Christmas is almost upon us, so I'll say a short word about what's going on over the next few days before signing off here tonight. On Christmas, I'll be headed over to my grandfather's place for dinner (should be top notch, as I mentioned before on here that he is an excellent cook!), and then on the 27th, I will be leaving for the U.S.A. Along the way, I will be taking photos of things I find interesting or significant, and I will be writing stuff in a notebook (aka travel blog). After I arrive in Ann Arbor, I will post the contents of the text first, and then the photos, once developed and scanned.

All in all, it should be a tumultuous week, but fun and interesting overall!


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