Monday, December 13, 2004

Cold and Flu Season Is In Full Swing!

After a long post-cold hiatus, I'm finally with a another exciting update on my life! Okay, all false hype aside, it was a pretty crappy week. From shelling out money to various companies and governmental agencies, to weathering a nasty cold bug (I was burning up and had the chills big time last night), it was one I'd rather put behind me!

This week's off to a so-so start. I'm over my cold (minus hacking up all the crud that's in my lungs from the virus-fighting), and my papers that will allow me to cross the U.S. border when it comes time to move arrived today. On the other hand, my passport was supposed to come today, but it has not been delivered as of this writing, and I learned I have to pay the Department of Homeland Security $100 US for reasons that have not been disclosed to me! Red tape sucks.

Well, I got nothing more than that at the moment, but I'll probably think of something over the next few hours, so I guess I'll see you all again tonight!


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