Saturday, November 27, 2004

Happy Club Med Day!

So today's Club Med in Freddy Town! To all the boys there to take in the party, have a kick-ass time, and have a few for me! I wish I could be there, but my bank account's hurting right now, and I gotta travel halfway across the continent after Christmas, so no dice this year.

During my thought process regarding the future of the Aitken Alumni site, I came up with the idea that on the day of Club Med (or on a designated weekend each November), all Aitken Alumni should observe the day with a party of their own (15 tons of sand optional). It could be as big or small as fellow Animals would like it, and alumni could tell their fellow alumni where they would be taking place. I think it would help keep the spirit of Aitken alive, even as the realities of the real world cause us to have such celebrations in fewer and fewer numbers with the passage of time. I, for one, will be having a few beers tonight in lonely Havre Boucher, NS in honour of the best beach party on Earth!

How about you?


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