Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Miss College (Schoolwork Excepted)...

I was on the current Aitken website today. Footy just updated the thing from the last time I looked at it; it's good to see our presence on the web continue, and hopefully they'll make it bigger and better over time!

In the News section, I see it's Club Med time yet again. Dang, this'll be the second one in a row that I've missed. I wish I were still in college (minus the schoolwork aspect), or at least in Fredericton. Oh well, life is seldom fair, but I'll be back there sometime in the Spring (can't go up before I leave for Michigan, money is tight) I'd imagine, unless I get work in Ontario or something, which would make a trip out East harder to do! At least there's quite a few alumni who live within the Centre of the Universe (j/k), so I wouldn't be too isolated from old friends.

Well, I'm off to do a little work on my current project: the reconstruction of the former Aitken House Website, which will soon become THE site for Aitken Alumni everywhere. See ya tomorrow everybody!


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