Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Found My Place to Live in Michigan + Sports are Good for People!

This is rare, being on the internet at this hour. My little sister is usually at the computer during this time of the evening, but she's in Antigonish for a doctor's appointment and not yet back, so here I am!

Well, I got my accomodations in Ann Arbor, MI all but wrapped up today. My boss looked at the house in my place on the weekend. She called me yesterday to say that the place was very nice, and it was actually around the corner from where one of the Humantech VP's live. So I was able to get ahold of one of the house's occupants this morning to confirm my acceptance of their vacant room. Just got to do a credit check and work out the terms of the sublease and it's a done deal.

Also, I read an article online at the Ann Arbor News today (click the outside the US tab when the address screen comes up to ask you where you live) which demonstrates some of the positive aspects of sports. It seemed like a nice follow-up to the dodgeball post from yesterday, as I think we need to stop trying to lynch physically beneficial activities because of the negative sides of some of these activities. We should be coming up with creative compromises (see dodgeball post for examples) that eliminate or minimize these bad points, while promoting the crap out of the good things that recreational sports/activities bring to the table. The sooner we act to smash these harmful stereotypes that have acted as a roadblock to participation, the better it will be for the lives that it could potentially be enriching in the future.


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