Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sunday Mixed Bag: Grey Cup and the Aitken Alumni Website!

Man I am so bored right now. There's never very much that's good on TV on Sundays, so I'm at the computer right now, trying to kill time. Oh, it's Grey Cup Sunday! Well that snuck up on me from behind! With the election in the States and the historic World Series occupying my attention, the CFL sorta just slipped under the radar this year. I don't normally follow football nearly as much as I do baseball or hockey, but I can appreciate the strategy, fast pace, and the hard-hitting action that defines the Canadian game. It's just that I've never identified with any team in particular (like the Habs in hockey), so developing a passion for the sport hasn't happened with me, at least not yet.

I also have been refurbishing what used to be the official Aitken House Website (current website for the house can be found here) over the past week or so. I am working towards making it THE website for Aitken House alumni. It will serve as a vehicle for alumni to recall their glory days at Atiken and UNB, as a means of letting your fellow animals know where you are in life, and as a way of facilitating potential alumni get-togethers. While the 5 year reunions are great (try to make it out the the next one in 2008, 50 years!), they are located in Fredericton, where many of us cannot make it due to distance and time. This site would allow for more frequent, informal meetings of alumni, in places across North America, and Overseas. This, I think, would further strengthen the brotherly bond of friendship that began at UNB, which is what really our house is all about, beneath it all.


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