Monday, November 22, 2004

Web Site of the Week (or so): Wikipedia!

I was surfing Blogspot last night when I came across an entry in someone else's blog, singing the praises of a website called Wikipedia. Now I had seen this site referenced elsewhere on the web, so I figured I'd check it out.

All I have to say about that site is wow! It's essentially a people's online encyclopedia, where anyone can publish information on just about anything. Editors on the site review and edit the entries to maintain the professionalism of the site, and anyone can update or add new sections to existing articles in the encyclopedia. I would highly recommend this site to anybody as a good starting point in their research. It gives baseline facts, and external links throughout the article, and at the end to aid further online research. Being part of the web, the authenticity of the information will always have a proverbial question mark hanging over it, but based on my persual of the site, it seems very credible and professional, containing info on people and things that you wouldn't find in your typical encyclopedia.

As for today in my life, another typical November day: overcast and dreary. I'm waiting on some phone calls regarding my place to live in Ann Arbor, MI, and I gotta call Bob Martin (photographer) about getting pictures done for my passport. I've been told that they are not necessary for Canadians, but I don't want to take a chance in these days of Orange Alerts, especially at Christmas time. Later, I gotta cut up some cardboard so that they will fit in the recycling bags, and then I will go for a jaunt around the village. I've been working out alot lately (pushups and sit-ups in the evening, in addition to walking), and I think it's starting to show. Ladies of Michigan, look out!!


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