Thursday, November 25, 2004

My Passport Photo Makes Me Look Like a Zombie!

As you may have noticed, I got my picture uploaded to the blog today (not the passport, you gotta be serious looking for those, or as they say, a "neutral pose"), so you all can see how ugly I am :P The passport photo taking today only took 5 minutes, from the time I walked in the door, to when I charged the whole thing on my credit card! The Model of Efficiency I tell you!

Tonight, I went for dinner with the extended family, as it was my mother's birthday today. Being out of work for 9 months, I got her a scratch ticket with her card (not a winner, unfortunately); oh well, I'll get her something a little better for Christmas. Dad got Mom a replacement for the crappy Spacemaker radio in our kitchen. This one has digital sound, with a CD player included. Not BOSE, but very tasty sounding indeed!

I couldn't get my guarantor (the village postmaster) to sign my passport forms tonight, so I won't be able to get to Halifax to complete the application process until Monday. I still have plenty of time to do it up though, so no worries!

One last thing before I go. Some of my best friends just updated a website detailing their home/private bar, The Rubber Duckie Lounge. Makes me miss being in Freddy Town (I should get back there to visit in May sometime, graduation time perhaps?). Such is life, bah...


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