Friday, November 26, 2004

"It's On My To-Do List!" - Shrek

Short entry today, as not much is happening at the moment. I gotta fill out that reference and credit check and fax it to my landlord. The Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre (new hockey rink, auditorium, offices, fitness centre, walking track, dance studio) is having its grand opening this weekend, so I might go check that out! On the agenda in the next week is going to Halifax on Monday (luckily George Bush is coming on Wednesday, so it won't gum up the streets in downtown Halifax) to get my passport done, in preparation for my trip to Michigan. Fianlly, I gotta get my winter tires put on my car before heavy snow swamps the garages with an overflow of customers.

Well, I got stuff to do. TGIF!


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