Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's Too Bloody Cold Out There, Or Only In NYC Will Twenty Bucks Buy You A Chocolate Bar And A Strip Show!

I would have to say that today has been the coldest day thus far this fall, meaning that winter is just around the corner. I like winter, actually. Snow cancels school and even university classes from time to time (all we would do when this happened at UNB was play Goldeneye on N64 all day, good times!), and is fun to slide/ski on. The coldness of winter freezes water, allowing the great game of pond hockey to be conducted, even at forbiddable temperatures (the Habs/Oilers alumni from last year's game in Edmonton have my complete respect, playing in -20c weather). Even shovelling snow is not a total chore to me, as I view it as an opportunity for upper-body exercise (watch the back though, lift with the knees!).

Okay, so I'm a little nuts, especially given the last comment, and on the fact that summer is a whole lot warmer. I love summer too, but winter makes us Canadians who we are, and I don't regret living up here on account of the weather one small bit!

In my personal life today, I sent $200 US dollars of my money ($243 Canadian) to New York for health insurance. It pains me to see more of my cash fly out the door, but I should have enough money to pay all the upfront costs of moving, so it's all good.

Ivana got fired from the Apprentice tonight. Not surprising given the fact that Trump (or any CEO) doesn't hire VP's that strip to their underwear in the middle of one of the world's largest cities (she did manage to sell a chocolate bar for $20 this way though)! She had slipped under the radar somewhat anyhow, so her dismissal was merely a matter of time in my opinion.

Well, I gotta go. I'm gonna try to finish my preliminary inspection of the Aitken Alumni Site as it is tonight, and lay the groundwork for the major additions. I'll mention them on here and on the main page of the site as it happens, so stay tuned!


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Jay said...

Canadians are crazy. Craaaaazy. And you should be shot for enjoying shoveling!

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey jimmy its Murph here, glad to see you still livin. You post alot of shit up here dude you should start posting stories about our rez know when we caought Jordan stroking his meat hahahahahahahaha. Welll dude if I don't see you before you go to fuck face land in the south have a good time and kick one american a day for me dude.



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