Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Quick, Somebody Call The Exorcist, The Car's Audio System Is Frothing At The Tape Deck!!

I went to Halifax yesterday, as I mentioned previously, to get my passport application processed in person. That in itself went smoothly, but it was during the trip up that provided me with the highlight (crisis?) of the day: the tape player/radio in my car is now officially possessed!

I went to press some of the preprogrammed buttons on the radio to tune in a station when I inadvertently pressed two at the same time. For some reason, this caused ALL buttons on the radio (minus the manual tuner thankfully) to perform the same function (i.e. display the current station). I was just minorly annoyed at the turn of events, when I got the bright idea of pushing in the cassette that was in the tape deck to see if that would solve matters. OOPS! Now, the only function that ALL the buttons would do was to flip the cassette over to the other side!

Now, it looked like the audio system in my car was doomed to play the same tape over and over for all eternity! Luckily, I pulled over at the Irving in Sutherland's River in Pictou County, NS and read the car's manual. Apparently, if the cassette in the tape deck screws up, the unit would eject the offender! So I took a screwdriver that was in the dashboard, and jostled the cassette that was playing inside the deck. Suddenly, the audio took on the likeness of The Chipmunks and it appeared for a second that NO audio would ever pour from my car stereo anytime soon. Fortunately though, I pressed the flip button (now any button), and the tape deck did its job, spitting out the little troublemaker! WHEW!

So I'm stuck with FM radio and dialing in stations manually until I got the money to replace the bloody thing with a CD player/radio. Things could've been a heck of a lot worse though, that's for sure!

In other news, I got my passport processed on the 15th floor of the Martime Centre in Downtown Halifax (express elevators with windows are fun!), and afterwards, I got half my Christmas shopping done at the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth. The drive down and back home (minus the incident detailed above) was standard, but very rainy and wet, though it doesn't hold a candle to the rainstorm I went through last Fall in October, when I was driving back to Saint John, NB from Moncton.

I gotta give more of my money away now in preparation for my trip! See you all later!


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