Friday, December 03, 2004

I Get Letters + Last Class Bash, Another Reason Why College Is The Ideal Lifestyle!

Another reason why I miss college is occuring as I type this now: Last Class Bash for the fall term is going on tonight in Fredericton. Have fun forgetting how hard you worked this semester, I would be there if I weren't saving my money for moving expenses. Have a drink for me, and I'll try to swing by Freddy sometime in May, after my job in Michigan is through!

I got my first comments yesterday, one from a fellow Canadian who called me nuts for liking snow shovelling. Well, you're half right Jay, I don't like it when the weather is particularly bad, and especially near the end of the job. It is good exercise though, and I like staying active! It's also important to try to see the positive sides of anything in life, sometimes it's the only thing that keeps you sane!

Murph also commented on posting stories from Aitken on here. I probably will do that sometime soon; as far as Jordan getting caught red-handed, I only heard about that happening, so I don't know the particulars of the story. Any Aitken Alumni who has stories like that should send them to me at, and I'll post them on the new Aitken Alumni Site that I've been working on lately!

To any of the boys reading this, have an awesome night, go get ripped!


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