Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Video Games: The Most Worthwhile Waste Of Time Ever Devised!

Just stepped away from the front of the TV a few minutes ago; I was watching the Video Game Awards on Spike TV. It contained reminders of days in the not-so-distant past where I used to be totally into video games; with money being tight though, I can't afford to have the latest in games and systems. At least I still have my N64 with Perfect Dark to occupy my time (first-person shooters are my favourite type of game, followed by sports games and RPG's!)

I also got my passport today. The picture turned out a little dark in the final product, I guess that's why they specifically request pictures with no shadows (with the darkening that occurs, the shadowed parts of the face would probably be blacked out altogether.)

Also, I jumped through yet another hoop in my preparations for my four month internship in the States. The Department of Homeland Security required me to pay a $100 US fee into their coffers for undisclosed reasons. I suppose if I researched into it, I'd be able find out the reason why, but I don't like deciphering legal jargon, so I won't bother with that!

Tomorrow, I head to town to decide what I want for new music, so that my Mom will know what to get me for Christmas. Should be fun!


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