Monday, December 20, 2004

Nothing Sucks The Fun Out Of Christmas Like Wrapping And Decorating. Solution? Add Booze, Repeat As Desired!

As Christmas and the time of my departure for the U.S. both draw near, I have become increasingly busy, hence the reason why I haven't updated this thing since Friday. It was a busy weekend, as I helped my parents get the house ready for the holidays. I assumed the duty of The-Guy-Who-Holds-The-Lights, as my mom strung them around the tree. Being an ergonomist, I should've anticipated this, but man, after 2 minutes of doing that crap, my shoulders were ready to check out on me!

Well, there is one thing worse than decorating a Christmas tree as far as holiday chores go: wrapping gifts. Delicate paper, getting the porportions right, trying hard not to make them look like a total disaster; let's just say I was happy that I got it over and done with in one evening!

Also, I managed to gather all the stuff I'm packing in the car when I leave to go to Michigan on Sunday evening. It's much less that I thought, so it should be less crowded, making for a better overall drive down.

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, I'll be headed to Halifax International Airport with my Dad to pick up my twin sis Janet. I haven't seen her in quite a while, so it'll be good to have her home for the holidays!


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