Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Reporting In From Work...

Short post today, as I'm just about ready to take off for the day. I just finished editing a huge report here at work, going through all 65 pages looking for anything that smacks of wordiness, or anything that doesn't make sense. A little tedious, but that's report writing for you! I can't wait to get out at a job site, which is coming up next Tuesday. I'll be going to a place called Webberville, MI, which is in Central Michigan around Flint.

As for my life outside of my corner window cubicle, I got my car fixed the other day. The engine light came on last week as I was commuting home, so I took it in to make sure the engine wasn't about to explode. It turned out to be a transient (the light went out on Monday morning) defect in the heating system; aside from that, the engine is working fine! The fan belt problem that has been getting worse over the past few weeks was fixed, so that issue is also out of the way!

In better news, I got U of Michigan hockey tickets on Monday. I'll be sitting in the Michigan offensive zone behind the net, 7 rows up in the stands. Based on what everyone's been saying about the atmosphere at Wolverine games, it should be completely off the hook!

Watching the clock 'till it strikes 5, this is James Shannon reporting...!


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