Saturday, February 12, 2005

Promises, Shromises (Or, I Need To Blog More Often!)

Well, I broke my promise, sorry to all those looking for more frequent blog postings! I'll definitely try working posting into my nightly routine, even if it's only a sentence or two!

Well, things here are going ok, even if past the quarter post of my internship I'm wondering what I do next. Fortunately, I should know by the end of this month of Humantech's plans for interns for the summer and thus I should be able to plan for the immeadiate future. I want to be able to serve back to back internships, as some co-op students do two stints at this business, but if not, I am weighing a number of options.

I am thinking of moving to Southern Ontario at the end of this internship if Humantech is not able to have me for concurrent sessions (J1 VISA requirements may shoot that down) and apply for work in Windsor, London, or even in Toronto. Hopefully of course, they will be able to have me back, but it's prudent to always have a Plan B instead of blind optimism driving the agenda. Having said that, I am confident that my hard work will be recognized in a manner beneficial to my career.

As for my personal life, I've been doing a weekend-to-weekend tour of Ann Arbor bars, and they are pretty good, though I miss my favorite joints back in Freddy Beach as well. I've been also watching some NCAA hockey, as I went to a U of M game about three weeks ago. They lost for the first time in a year and a half at home (so much for my luck) against the University of Northern Michigan. The next game I'll be going to see is one against Bowling Green U from Ohio!

Well I gotta get ready for another nite out on the town, I'll be sure to write more often, even if it's not on a nightly basis!


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