Friday, February 25, 2005

Hockey Lives On Without The NHL, Or Newflash: It's Cold!

Man it's cold as I sit here in the basement typing this! The house that I live in here in Ann Arbor has a gas furnace, but none of the heating vents warm the basement. As a result, I have to use this computer while wrapped up in a blanket in order to tolerate the cold! Just another reason why I can't wait for winter to kindly move along and let Spring in to warm things up.

I finally got around to checking out the Ann Arbor Ice Cube today (arena where the US Junior Development program is HQ'ed). Nice rink, has three sheets of ice (one of them Olympic-sized), a sports therapy clinic, a hockey pro shop and a nice canteen. In the next few weeks, I will definitely be taking in a game to watch some future stars light it up!

Also, I bought tickets for the playoffs that are coming up in NCAA Division 1 hockey. I will be going to the first game of the preliminary round with the University of Michigan defending its home ice against a still-to-be determined opponent. Should definitely kick ass!

NHL who??


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