Friday, March 25, 2005

Downtown Ann Arbor = Freddy Beach's Downtown *2!

Since I found out about my internship being extended through to the end of August, I have been riding high all week long. Yet, in spite of this good news, there are issues that have to be tackled, as I realized that I had misread a key part of the lease that I hold at the house at which I currently reside. It turns out that it ends at the end of June, instead of the end of August, as I previously thought. Oops.

Luckily for me, that gives me plenty of time to scope out the plentiful sublets coming open, as the school year at the University of Michigan draws to a close. Tomorrow, I check out a house (maybe two) that have are offering rents of $300 a month for the summer, considerably less than the $425 a month I currently pay (which is a bargain considering the neighbourhood I live in!). Not only would my rent be much lower at these places, I would be located at the outskirts of the downtown area, putting me within a 5-10 minute walk from all bars and restaurants (contrast that with the 30-45 minute jaunt I face to get downtown from my current abode). Also, I would be a 5-7 minute drive from work, much closer than the 12-15 minute commute I currently make. Considering gas may hit $3/gallon this summer in A2, that would be a definite advantage.

I may be posting this on a Friday night, but fear not, I haven't surrendered my social life this Easter weekend. Tomorrow night, I head out to a bar I haven't been to before, the Heidelberg, to catch a band I saw two months ago. They kicked my ass, and I hope they'll do it again!

Have a good one all!!


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