Sunday, April 24, 2005

After A Month Of Slacking Off, I'm Back! In Other News, We're Running Out Of Oil...!

Hey all, sorry I haven't checked in lately, but I've been busy with work, and with my internship reinstated through to the the end of August, I've been doing a little celebrating. Add that to the fact that Spring has broken out across the Midwest in a major way (temps in the 20c+ range for much of the last 2 weeks), and I've been trying to spend my free time doing anything but being in front of a computer.

But it snowed 10cm today, so here I am (That's spring here in Michigan for ya!)

As far as major developments go, I've got some big news. For those of you reading that are'nt a member of my immeadiate family, I found out 3 weeks ago that my twin sister is getting hitched to her boyfriend of 3 years, Sean. He's a good fella, so he gets the 'ol thumbs up from Mr. Jimmy!

After dragging my feet for two months, I finally taken the film from my trip westward after Christmas and had it developed! Most of the pictures turned out OK, though 5 shots were wasted from the trigger being inadvertantly pressed through the pocket of my coat (kinda like when buttons on your cell get pushed accidently) . I will be scanning them at work this week, and I should have them up on this blog hopefully before the end of this week (I've promised this before, so take it a grain of salt...!)

Finally, how 'bout those gas prices? Yup, they are nearing May 2-4 weekend (equivalent to Memorial Day weekend for you 'mericans reading this) highs ... in April! What in the world is going on? Well, oil is a finite resource, and there are all these SUV's and Hummers that get 12 MPG on the road that weren't there 3-5 years ago, and China and India, well they've decided they want to be like us now! Well, ain't that a pickle! Add the fact that we're almost at (or are already at) a point in time called Peak Oil, and it gets downright serious. From this point, production rates each year can only decline, meaning that our excessive wasteful consumption of oil has to change and fast, or off the cliff we go as a civilization!

Ok ok, so I sound like a doomer, but that's the reality of the situation. Fortunately, technologies and policy options currently exist that can help to mitigate the inital effects of oil depletion, and eventually free us from our dangerous petroleum dependence. Download "Winning The Oil Endgame", lobby your politicans at all levels of government to pass Peak Oil Resolutions that call and plan for energy conservation and diversification plans, tell a friend about the dangers of oil depletion (don't take a doomer stance on the subject, people tend to tune that sort of stuff out), etc, and most importantly, stay positive and optimistic. This is another challenge in the history of the human race.

We have overcome before, and we shall again.