Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jasper in January ... Or Is That April??

Last weekend, I went skiing at Marmot Basin in Jasper.  It was the first day of the Jasper in January festival, so while prices were cheap ($92 to stay @ Whistler's Inn in the heart of Jasper!), the crowds were out in force!  It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to pick up my rental (note to self: get rental in town next time!). 

Once I got out on the hill though, it was all good though ... temps were well above zero (probably near +4 or +5 at the base by afternoon), and the snow was FAST!  It was a little icy in the shadows, but that added to the challenge, and it made the experience alot more fun for myself.

Overall, aside from hitting the green runs to warm up the legs at the start of the day, I was primarily on the blues all weekend, including a couple shots at the Knob chair (highest and considered to be the hardest lift @ Marmot, as evidenced by the NO BEGINNERS sandwich board sign at the base of the lift).

As usual, the mountain scenery was breathtaking (shame that I forgot my camera at home, blah); I gotta find a way to make the mountains my backyard sometime in the near future, as leaving Jasper (and Banff, and BC, etc) tugs at my heart everytime I do it...

Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year ... New Possibilities

Hope everybody had a great holiday season .... a new year is upon us, and as such, hope for the future springs eternal.  I intend to make waves this year, in spite of all the pessimism that you hear about in the media...


- Turn my flat stomach into a ripped stomach

- Eat healthier (i.e. more vegetables/fruits, less fast food)

- Continue to test out internet business ideas until one of them takes off and becomes self-sustaining (meaning I can live off the proceeds without having to have a day job)

- Get better at poker, get sufficiently rolled to play $1/$2 NL on Pokerstars by the end of the year, and also play in some major tourneys in town (via satellite tourney win if need be)

-In general, pursue what makes me happy, both in my work and in my life!