Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pictures Galore! Get Your Pictures, Get'em Here While They're Hot!

The pictures ... have arrived!

So without further adieu, here they are!

The historic State Theatre on ... State Street. Very original. I watched Animal House here in Mid-April and it was the best time I ever had in a movie theatre ever (better than watching Jackass in theatres). Drunk kids + college classic = good times! Posted by Hello

The historic Michigan Theatre on Liberty Street. Plays indy films, and hosts concerts and plays as well... Posted by Hello

An ice sculpture of the leaning tower of Pisa outside an Italian restaurant on Main Street. It was part of the winter carnival that was going on at the time, so there were many more of these creations. But I was cold and running out of film, so I went home. I need a digital camera... Posted by Hello

Inside Yost Arena. Coming up in the next batch of pictures: pics from a NCAA playoff game, stay tuned! Posted by Hello

Here's Yost Arena, the home of the University of Michigan hockey team. It is also home to super cheap skating on the weekends. $3 gets you 2 hours of all the skating you can handle! Posted by Hello

Here's a pic from the outside of Michigan Stadium. You can see this structure from 20 blocks away, it's massive. The gates were locked up for the winter, so I couldn't get any pics of the inside. Sorry Terry and News... Posted by Hello

Here's the University of Michigan belltower on the north side of Central Campus. Nice chime, but can it do the LBR song from the University of New Brunswick? Don't think so! Score one for the home team!! Posted by Hello

Here's an impressive building at the University of Michigan. I keep forgetting its name, but it's so impressive, it almost doesn't need one...! Posted by Hello

This is where I work, just outside of Ann Arbor, in Pittsfield Township. This was taken on January 2, 2005, when it was 52 degrees out (oops, I meant 11 degrees Celsius! They're Americanizing me faster than I thought...). This was as good as it got for 3 and a half months though, as temps plunged well below zero degrees. Fahrenheit. For 2 weeks. Posted by Hello

My house in the West Side of Ann Arbor, up until tomorrow (May 4). I'm moving to South Central Ann Arbor, which is closer to everything (play, work, etc) and cheaper! Sweet deal, I'd say! I guess this means the pictures of my new place won't be up 'til the Fall, given the current postin' rate :P  Posted by Hello

Approaching the Pennsylvania/Ohio border on the fourth day of driving. This pic sums up all of Ohio, flat, boring, and full of denuded hardwood trees! It was about 9:30am at the time of this pic.  Posted by Hello

Driving through the Berkshires in Western Masschusetts at around 11am on the third day. Our mountains are better! Posted by Hello

Approaching New Hampshire on the Maine Turnpike at 8 am on the third day... Posted by Hello

This was outside the motel I stayed at in Biddeford, Maine at 7am on the third day. I vacationed here with my Mom and sister just this past summer. Much more chilly in December than in July, but the dawn sky in this photo makes up for it a little bit... Posted by Hello

This is just outside of Calais, Maine on the way to Bangor on the second day. This was at 4pm in the afternoon, after spending an hour in customs tied up in red tape! I was blasting Green Day's American Idiot at full blast at the time of this pic! Posted by Hello

This is Robie Street in Truro at noon on December 27. Everything was closed. Except for McDonald's. I ate lunch at McDonald's that day. McNuggets are good. Posted by Hello

This pic was taken from the parking lot of the Bible Hill Tim Horton's on the first day of my journey to Michigan. Needless to say, this was as far as I got on day 1! Posted by Hello