Thursday, May 18, 2006

Garden Out Back Is Looking Awesome

It's Mid-May, and the garden that is maintained by Scott (downstairs roommate, shown in a recent post) has exploded brillantly into a portrait of green, pink, and white. The apple trees are in full bloom (the petals clearly visible on the grass) and the grass, properly nutured and cared for early on in the Spring, is now dark green and lush, simply awesome to walk on. It makes for a great place to BBQ and have drinks outside, as it has happened several times already. Th last pic shows the owner of the house, Scott's cat Eartha. She is a sook, and a sucker for anyone who will pay attention to her (though she will make you pay attention to her if you ignore her for too long!)

The Blue Mile In Its Full Glory (Take That Cowtown!)

All these pics were from the "Blue Mile" (known normally as Whyte Ave), after the Oilers beat the Sharks last Friday to tie the series at 2-2. I was tupid enough last night to forget my camera, so no pics from the series winning game (I won't forget again though!). The streets were taken over almost immeadiately by fans last night, instead of having the parade of honking cars that has taken place after Oilers' victories. Kinda better this way as it gave people more space, I never liked being penned in on the sidewalks anyway!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mill Creek Ravine Park

Blogger seems to be acting up this evening, so to follow the pics sequentially, start at pic #4.

Pic 4: Underneath the bridge on 82nd ave that goes over Mill Creek. Pictures can't quantify how high the bridge is though. Hardly what you'd expect to see in a flat prairie city!

Pic 5: Mill Creek. Not very impressive, but with below average rainfalls over the past few years, it's not hard to imagine why...

Pic 1: Luxury condos overlooking the Ravine. It is adjacent to miles of heavily forested trails, so it's definitely one of the most sought after places to live in Edmonton!

Pic 2: Speaking of forested trails, here's a sample of the enveloping stands of trees that makes you forget that you're in a city of a million people...

Pic 3: A signboard map of trails in the park. I actually needed to refer to this, because I had no idea how far south I walked at this point!

First Warm Day Of The Year = Great Time For An Urban Hike!

2 weeks ago, I went for a walk on a warm Friday (the same day I took the pics in the backyard in the last post). The first pic is from the bridge over Mill Creek Ravine, which is located about a kilometre east of Calgary Trail on 82nd Avenue (Whyte Ave), giving a great view of the downtown skyline.

The second pic is from a elm tree-lined street (64 ave) two blocks north of my house, as the leaves were almost completely unfolded. Must be nice on hot summer days!

Spring Arrives In Edmonton

Spring has hit Edmonton full force, and it shows, especially in my home's backyard. One of my roommates, Scott, maintains the garden in the backyard, and is the guy shown in the last two pics. As you can see from pic #2, even at 43, he still finds time to work out :P