Sunday, January 07, 2007

Alberta Legislature Grounds

After crossing the High Level Bridge from the southside, you are literally at the doorstep of Alberta politics -- the Legislature Grounds. But even if you have no interest in politics whatsoever, the myriad of impressive fountains, reflecting pools, and gardens will act as a major draw. People wade in the pools throughout the summer, and ice vendors are located on site to provide an alternative cool down method for those who do not wish to venture into the water.

Pic 1: The most impressive fountain I've seen in my life to date. I've nicknamed it "the atom smasher"; notice the thin trail of mist sailing upwards from the immense collisions of water occuring below.

Pic 2: The reflecting pools behind the Legislature.

Pic 3: The pool at the back of the extensive system of fountains and pools at the legislature grounds. A great place to lay back and think about life...

Pic 4: The front of the Alberta Legislature.

Edmonton's Most Underappreciated Attraction: The High Level Bridge

The above three pictures were taken from Edmonton's landmark bridge, the High Level Bridge. It spans the river valley gorge between the north and south banks of the North Saskatchewan River. The height from the walking deck to the river below is greater than the vertical drop of Niagara Falls, if you can believe it!

Pic 1: Downtown Edmonton as viewed from the High Level Bridge.

Pic 2: Looking towards the (much lower) Walterdale Bridge further East.

Pic 3: Kinsmen Park as seen from the bridge. Football/Soccer/Ultimate players look like ants from up here!