Saturday, March 25, 2006

Life Is Always Good When You Can Watch A Hockey Game In Surround Sound!

Well the first week has passed for the most part, and things are turning out well at my new place in Edmonton. I've got my stuff unpacked, food in the cupboard, and two great guys for roommates. Today I went for a walk to Whyte Avenue, the activity hub for those living in South Edmonton. It took 30 minutes, which makes this part of the city very walkable. Below, I have taken some pics of my new house, check them out!

My House In South Edmonton

Pic 1: My bedroom in its young state. Scott from downstairs let me borrow the night table and lamp that you see beside my airbed.

Pic 2: The TV in the living room, hooked up with surround-sound, has made for a great viewing experience over the past week, as I have been watching movies and hockey games during that time...

Pic 3: The darkness in the kitchen makes this picture less than ideal, but it has a dishwasher, along with a chest freezer (out of view to the left).

Pic 4: The dining table that never gets used. Most meals are eaten in front of the TV, true to single guy form!

Pic 5: The sweet leather couch, the coffee table where most meals are eaten, and the entryway.

Pic 6: The club I purchased to help protect the car from becoming a victim of auto theft. Edmonton has the third highest instance of the crime, ranking behind Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Pic 7: My house from the front. Has some nice evergreen trees out front, a common feature alongside oak trees throughout Edmonton.

Pic 8: Backyard picture #1, with the barbeque prominently featured. A little too snowy to be used right now, but warmer days are on the way soon!

Pic 9: The remainder of the backyard. Fairly large for an inner-city backyard, with alot of plants that make this a great place to be in the summertime, according to Scott, who takes care of the space for the most part.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Meet The Newest Edmontonian!

It's been a while since my last post, but I've been busy. Found and moved into a new house in Edmonton, and I saw my first NHL game, courtesy of Terry, who I hadn't seen for 1 1/2 years previously. I will have more details tomorrow...!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cochrane: One Heck Of A Place To Live (Especially On A Clear Day)

I had previously visited Cochrane, but I had forgotten to bring my camera. I made no such mistake this time! Unfortunately, the Rocky Mountains were completely obscured by clouds and snow, so I could only take pictures of the town proper. Fortunately, there are plenty of worhtwhile sights, such as old west hotels and saloons, as well as views from the base of a very large hill that signals the beginning of the foothills. Due to the unseasonable cold today (yes, fresh pics for once!), the camera kept shutting down on me as I tried to take pics of the town from the top of the hill, but I manage to capture an interpretative sign that tells the story of the town of Cochrane.

Boredom Can Be The Spark For Many Things, Such As Travelling To A Summer Resort Town In The Dead Of Winter...

A couple weekends ago, I went out to Chestermere, a lakeside town just east of the city of Calgary. A nice place, probably more so in the summertime, as the temperature that day was a face-biting -13c. I saw some people walking and snowmobiling on the ice, in spite of a sign that stated the ice was thin (click on second pic). Stupidity and/or willful ignorance are amazing things!

Winter Arrives In Calgary ... Finally!

Well, almost after an entire winter of nothing but chinooks and browned prairie, winter finally arrived in Calgary 3 weeks ago. These pictures were taken the morning after the first true snowstorm of the year, where 15 cm of fresh powder fell. You might think that would be a pain to shovel, but this is Alberta, so the snow is very dry and light. A simple push along the width of the driveway with the scraper was all it took to clean up the snow, and the snow vaporized off the windshield of my car as soon as a small portion of it becmae exposed to sunlight!